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Jeneen Oh for

                      Ask. Believe. Receive. Jewelry

This unique collection of necklaces, bracelets and accessories were designed with YOU in mind to please your esthetic and spiritual senses, as well as your pocketbook. Our jewelry is made the old-fashion way and is carefully crafted, brushed and polished by hand to insure the best of quality. As a result, each piece is uniquely its own made just for YOU to receive.

Above all, our jewelry was created with the intention to help you set your Law of Attraction in Motion, shift your awareness and create your abundance consciousness...

My intention is to reach millions and millions of people just like YOU all around the world and spread the love, joy and blessings of the Law of Attraction with this jewelry. Yes, by actively participating, you are creating awareness of the universal abundance and helping transform your life as well as millions of others!
  Yes, YOU can proactively make this difference and shift the consciousness of the world...

Remember, we live in an abundant universe! Yes, there's abundance all around us!  You just have to choose to own it.  And So Be It.

Now...it is time for your to begin and Ask. Believe. Receive.
May my jewelry help you in manifesting all that YOU want into your life…NOW!

Spread the word...

Here’s to YOUR Abundance!

Peace, Blessings & Love,


                             A little about Jeneen:    MySpace_jeneen_LV.jpg

The inspiration behind this jewelry collection came about in meditation. Jeneen knew that this was a God-inspired vision and received this gift with gratitude.   Artistic expression is second nature to her as she honed these skills from many years of working in the high-fashion industry.  Her previous designs have been sold and showcased in many prestigious and influental boutiques in New York, Los Angeles and Tokyo.  However, the making of this jewelry collection was an endeavor that was truly a personal journey for her, created with pure love and faith.  It is by practicing the powerful Law of Attraction and applying spiritual principles, she attracted the right people and resources to actualize the making of this empowering jewelry collection.  A wonderful blessing.

Jeneen maintains a peaceful balance of body, mind & soul by attending The Agape International Spiritual Center, practicing the teachings of Abraham-Hicks, “The Secret”, Don Miguel Ruiz, Eckhart Tolle amongst many, many, many others. Spiritual practices include daily meditation, yoga, affirmations and hikes up to the beautiful Griffith Park Observatory. She joyfully resides in Los Feliz, California.


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